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Based on our experience in the past, we have developed and sharpened our skills for answering to the multifarious requests that Ghanaians are abroad are wont to make or need, some of which are:

  1. Adoption of (Ghanaian ) children ( under 16 years) for eventual emigration to join clients;

  1. Immigration - assistance with presentation of visa applications and visa appeals;

iii. Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage - Registration of customary marriages and divorces within the jurisdiction of the various Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies in Ghana; Also, dissolution of Ordinance Marriages before Courts of law

  1. Statutory Declarations – declaring to spinsterhood or bachelorhood( unusually called “ Bachelor’s Certificate”);

  1. Notarization of documents;

  1. Legal Opinions - on various areas of Ghanaian law, particularly, customary law.

vii. Land and Property - Registration of land documents; Conduct of Due Diligence in the Land Registries; Land Litigation;

viii. Administration of Estates - application Probate or Letters of Administration, Vesting Assents

  1. Births and Deaths - application for certificates in respect of both or either;

  1. Company Formation - Incorporation of Companies and searches in the Registry of the Registrar General’s Department.

NOTA BENE : in connection with the provision of these services, we try to understand what your exact needs are and agree with you on your Legal fees before commencement of work. We will always request that you make a payment on account of our legal fees BEFORE we start work.

To be able to deal with your request with the promptitude that it deserves and to minimize costs and expenses as well put us in the proper position to assess legal fees payable, we encourage you to:

* Send a detailed email setting out your specific request;

* include in your email all attachments as scanned documents;

* Indicate, if necessary, the specific reason or purpose for your request;

* Indicate if there is any time bar or time frame within which you are operating ;

* Indicate if you have a local agent who will follow up your case and possible state that person’s contact reference and number

Remember, at Paintsil,Paintsil & Co. we are always at your service and waiting to serve you with distinction..